Climate (and dust!) resources developed by myself and others as indicated. Please attribute all materials to their original authors.

Video from the Comer Climate Conference by Medill School of Journalism students featuring myself, Joerg Schaefer, and Jerry McManus.

General Resources

Resources Specific to My Projects

  • Earth Institute Intern Gemma Sahwell (Barnard '19), who worked with me on Pacific carbon storagespeaks about her research project and shows off the LDEO Core Repository.
  • News piece about the motivation for our respired carbon storage project from Medill School of Journalism student Tiffany Chen.
  • My blog on our sediment core work aboard the RRS Discovery for the ICY-LAB project.
  • Presentation for Earth2Class group on using dust to constrain the position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone
  • My blog about using sediment cores to learn about past hurricane activity in the Bahamas.
  • My blog about the women hard at work doing research aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth on cruise MGL-1208.

Minnesota-Specific Resources

  • Climate change impacts on Minnesota, including the graphics from the slideshow below were collected by Minnesota Public Radio
  • Ideas for how individuals can help to slow greenhouse gas emissions from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • National Climate Assessment impacts for Minnesota
  • Information on vector-borne diseases (mosquitoes! ticks!) and climate change from the Minnesota Department of Health