Climate (and dust!) resources developed by myself and others as indicated. Please attribute all materials to their original authors.

For resources pertaining to my Brown University course “Environmental Science in a Changing World” please contact me personally

General Resources

Resources Specific to My Projects

  • Earth Institute Intern Gemma Sahwell (Barnard '19), who worked with me on Pacific carbon storage, speaks about her research project and shows off the LDEO Core Repository.

  • News piece about the motivation for our respired carbon storage project from Medill School of Journalism student Tiffany Chen.

  • My blog on our sediment core work aboard the RRS Discovery for the ICY-LAB project.

  • Presentation for Earth2Class group on using dust to constrain the position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone

  • My blog about using sediment cores to learn about past hurricane activity in the Bahamas.

  • My blog about the women hard at work doing research aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth on cruise MGL-1208.

Minnesota-Specific Resources

  • Climate change impacts on Minnesota, including the graphics from the slideshow below were collected by Minnesota Public Radio

  • Ideas for how individuals can help to slow greenhouse gas emissions from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • National Climate Assessment impacts for Minnesota

  • Information on vector-borne diseases (mosquitoes! ticks!) and climate change from the Minnesota Department of Health