Back to School

It's time to go back to school here at Columbia! Lamont is starting to come back to life with new undergraduate students, grad students and even a few postdocs.  I'm starting my own search for a postdoc and beginning to think about applying for the NOAA and NSF fellowships.  If you know of other opportunities that might be a good fit, please let me know!

I'm going to be presenting a bunch of science this fall, starting in just one week (eek)!  It's a workshop on Monsoons and the ITCZ that's being held at Columbia on the Morningside campus. I'll be presenting a poster on Tuesday 9/15, but don't worry I'll post it here too when it's complete.

I'm also anticipating trips to Baltimore for GSA in November to give a poster, receive an award and support my summer intern as she presents a poster on our G. ruber work. I'll be visiting Boston and Woods Hole (also in November) for the Graduate Climate Conference and am also making the annual migration to AGU in December.  Hope to catch up with you along the way.