Media Coverage

As scientists we have a responsibility to make sure that we make our work accessible to the public so that all can appreciate its value and make use of our findings. Below are some examples of coverage of my work in the media. For more information on outreach projects please visit the Resources section of this site. 

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Talking Carbon at the Comer Climate Conference

Video from the Comer Climate Conference by Medill School of Journalism students featuring myself, Joerg Schaefer, and Jerry McManus. I also spoke with student journalist Tiffany Chen about the motivation behind our work on equatorial Pacific carbon storage.


Popular Science

In September of 2014, I joined concerned citizens and other scientists from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University at the March for Science. In addition to our conversations with other marchers we were also fortunate to be interviewed by a reporter from Popular Science about our reasons for participating.


"Scientists in the making" Series

Undergraduate research assistant Gemma Sahwell talks about her work on my equatorial Pacific climate climate project and takes you on a tour of the LDEO Core Repository.